Hello guys! My name is Veronika and this is my doll story.

I have a favorite goddaughter 😍. Her name is Emma. Ever since she was born, I’ve always made some funny things for her, and when she grew up and got her first doll, I started making doll clothes for her doll. Every single thing I did made her feel incredibly excited, and I always thought I could do better. So when Emma went to bed, her mom and I would go to Pinterest and enjoy photos of different people’s dolls. I was very surprised and delighted with what beautiful and detailed clothes are made for dolls. And then one day, looking at Pinterest once again, I came across photos of a doll of stunning beauty. I fell in love with her at first sight and of course I started looking for her) That was about 5 years ago…

After some time, we found this doll. I doubted buying it for a very long time, it seemed to me that this was a temporary hobby, that my friends would react strangely to me… You know how it is with girls?πŸ™‚ But the final confidence was given to me by new friends in the doll sphere. So I bought my first Poppy Parker in April 2018 and when she came to me, I finally and irrevocably fell in love with her. She’s my first and only one love, if you know what I mean. πŸ˜† I had no idea how my life would change.

When I saw my first doll, I realized that everything I had done before her was low level. And I started sewing like a madwoman with the idea that all the new things should be better than all the previous ones🀣. At first (having no experience with this doll) it was very difficult to choose the sizes and make patterns, especially considering the fact that I never learned to sew. By August 2018, I had accumulated quite a lot of clothes and the joint decision with my husband was to create an Instagram page to share my work with the whole world. From August 2018 to February 2020, I gained almost 20,000 followers on Instagram, found a huge number of new friends and acquaintances around the world, actively began to study English and develop in every possible way. Yes, I was inspired to do all this by my dolls, my beloved husband, and of course you.

But… As we all know, nothing is given for nothing and there are dark streaks in life. So it happened to me, on the night of February 14, 2020, my Instagram page was banned at the request of the copyright holder. The moment I realized this, I was feeling the widest range of emotions in the world. I understood that I had lost communication with a huge number of people, lost the ability to show new things on behalf of this page, and much more. Then, after 3-4 days, we still received an official response to the request for blocking, and when I found out at whose request I was blocked, a new round of my doll life beganπŸš€ By the way, many thanks to everyone who helped me during this difficult period. To my beloved husband, to the people who helped me advertise my new Instagram page, to my friends who supported me all this time, and to all those who cared!

It was the most famous brand, the logo of which I used in several posts. Having understood and realized what happened, I really want to say a huge thank you for this lesson. Since then, I started to make things under my own logo, registered my trademark and do things in compliance with all the norms of the law. And also recently, we decided to open this site so that you can quickly and conveniently find what you are interested in.

P.S. Oh, and yes, now I have 9 girl dolls and one boy doll πŸ˜…

But the most important thing, without which all my activities would be impossible – is the love of dolls and a big thank you to all of you, the entire doll community for your support and interest in what I do.

Thank you so much!


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